Offshore Fishing

Snapper Fishing

Within 45 minutes by boat you can comfortably access some of the best Snapper grounds Sydney and its surrounds can offer. Whether you are floating baits, using soft plastics or just a simple Paternoster rig, we can help you point you in the right direction and importantly get you there and back safely.

Kingfish Fishing

Sydney has some fantastic Kingfish fishing. These days with better techniques and gear, it's not uncommon to see fish up to 20kg caught along with very good numbers of the highly sought after 1 meter plus fish. We can supply a downrigger if you are live baiting in close to the headlands, and if you would like to try Kingfish jigging, we can help you locate where to do this further offshore. Finz Boat Hire has many years experience in catching large Kingfish and would be happy to help with advice on how you best maximise your chances of tangling with some big bruisers.

Deep Drop Fishing

For Blue Eye, Gemfish, Hapuka, Bass Groper, and all the deep water species that are so good to eat, you simply can't beat Brown's Mountain off Sydney. If you have the boating experience and competency we can provide you a boat that can sagely help you access this wonderful spot witch is about 19 miles from Botany Heads.

Reef Fishing

There is no shortage of reef in and around Sydney that can fairly consistently provide a mixed feed of Snapper, Morwong, Leatherjackets, Pigfish, and other reef dwelling table fish. Finz Boat Hire is happy to help point you int the right direction of where to and how to do this.