Estuary, Entry Level & Guided Fishing 

Just Want to Catch a feed!

We can help! Flathead, Whiting Bream and Squid are available most of the year. With the correct bait and fishing gear you can catch feed out of Botany Bay most days without too much hassle.

River and Estuary Fishing

A great option for the days that are too windy to fish in highly exposed areas. Take the family upriver and anchor out of the wind for a relaxing session on some Bream, Flathead, Blackfish and whiting.

Guided Fishing

If you are an entry level, or even an intermediate fisherman and want to learn how to get better at your favorite type of fishing, we can put you in touch with guides that can teach you how to improve your fishing. We have guides that can help with:

- River and Estaury

-Snapper and Kingfish

-Game Fishing

The guides are completely independent of Finz Boat Hire and you will need to discuss your needs and their fees directly with them.