Boating & Swimming

If you're not into fishing, or if you would like to pack in a fun filled day with other activites there are plenty of things you can do on a Finz Hire Boat:

  • Swimming/Snorkeling

  • Whale and Dolphin Watching


Our 6.4m hard Top is fitted with a rear boarding ladder so you easily access the water and re-board the vessel wherever you are. Sydney and it's surrounds have some beautiful swimming and snorkeling destinations, some of which can only be accessed by boat. Finz Boat Hire can help you with advice on where to go to enjoy your swimming and snorkeling if you're not sure where to do this.

Whale Watching

The Humpback Whale migration passing Sydney takes place between April and December each year. The season is split into two distinct sections depending on the direction of travel of the majority of whales at that time. From April to mid August the Humpbacks are heading north to give birth and mate in the waters of the Coral Sea. From mid August to mid December the Humpbacks are heading south to return to the Antarctic feeding ground for the southern hemisphere summer 

The Southern Right Whale does not migrate in the same pattern as the humpback whales, however during the winter months the southern rights will move along the coastline seeking places to mate and shelter with their newborn calves. They will enter and remain in bays and harbours for days at a time and then move slowly north or south. While they are not as common as the Humpback whales, they will tend to make a greater impact since they are far more visible and do not move away as quickly. In the past they have ventured as far as the Harbour Bridge in Sydney Harbour and into Botany Bay as well as resting meters from the shore line of popular surf beaches. Ask us about how to view whales when inquiring about the boat.