Finz Boat Hire

Finz Boat Hire is a family owned and operated business that hires out boats for for the purpose of self-drive hire in much the same way you would hire a car. We provide safe reliable boats along with the instruction of how to use them safely.

In 2016 Finz Boat Hire teamed up with Sea Adex Boats Australia and commissioned the very first Finz Boat Hire vessel.

The 6.4 meter custom Armour Hard Top will be available for:

*Inshore Fishing

*Offshore Fishing

*Boating and Swimming

*Whale Watching

*Commercial Work

In addition to providing safe and reliable boats, Finz Boat Hire aims to help you maximise your enjoyment on their boats, whether it be for fishing, cruising, a family picnic, Whale/Dolphin watching, or any other on-water activities. We will help as much as possible drawing not only on our years of experience but the experience of those who already use our boats.

About the Operator

The owner/operator ​Chett Auditore has had a passion for boating and fishing which started as a child. As an obsessed fisherman he has caught everything from Bream to Snapper, Big Kingfish, Marlin and Tuna and is committed to help those who patronise the business to achieve their fishing goals.

Over 25 years experience as a boater, he attained an Unrestricted Coxswain Certificate in 2017 and is committed to help his customers safely enjoy our waters.